Verizon [NYSE: VZ] and Honda 5G Deal Could Increase Need for 5G cell Tower Sites

Verizon Communications, Inc. [NYSE: VZ] has earlier inked a 5G agreement with Honda [NYSE: HMC] to figure out how the communication gets quicker between automobiles, walkers, and infrastructure after the combination of 5G with edge computing. It has been disclosed that this agreement of the firm may boost the demand for 5G cell Tower sites.

The increase in demand for 5G cell Tower sites will be beneficial for the firms like Digital Locations (DLOC). DLOC has gained a reputation as the developer of cell tower sites for the 5G revolution. The latest deal between Verizon and Honda is deemed as an opportunity for Digital Locations.

Purpose of Verizon-Honda Study

Verizon and Honda have joined forces to discover how new linked security technology using 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) could allow quick, credible communication between road structures, cars, and walkers. The firms will also explore how sharing the road thus decreases accidents and rescues lives. Super-quick, credible, and low-invisibility data communication at the edge of the network is vital for connected vehicle security.

Digital Locations commented that it is ready to back Verizon and Honda’s aim as most of its 5G sites are located on roads and highways across the country. These strategically positioned assets might make it much easier for exporters and car firms to amalgamate and use crucial data at the edge.