Sanofi [NASDAQ: SNY] Announces Plan to Invest €400M in a Production Site in Singapore

Sanofi [NASDAQ: SNY] disclosed its plan on Monday that it has decided to invest €400 million in a prominent manufacturing site in Singapore. The firm has taken the decision to reinforce its vaccine manufacturing capabilities. The investment will last for five years. Sanofi will leverage sophisticated technologies to build the manufacturing site.

This investment is a step forward towards its pledge of enhancing the manufacturing capabilities of vaccines. The firm vowed to tackle the risk of a future pandemic through its manufacturing site. Sanofi which has gained a reputation as the largest healthcare provider is striving to fulfill the unmet needs of vaccines.

Singapore Production Site

The main aim of the firm is to reinforce its position by building the manufacturing site and responding the future pandemics. It has chosen Singapore as a site for the building of its vaccine production site. The new site will offer Sanofi the opportunity to develop innovative vaccines on a large scale for Asia and immediately react to the upcoming pandemic hazards.

The Singapore site will add to the current production capacities of SNY in Europe and North America. It will turn into a regional center of quality for vaccine manufacturing in Asia. Furthermore, it has been uncovered that the factory will be constructed around a central unit housing several fully digitalized modules that enable manufacturing of three to four vaccines concurrently, compared with the only one in existing industrial sites.