Total [NYSE: TOT] Commence Producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel in France

TOTAL SE [NYSE: TOT] disclosed that it has commenced the production of sustainable aviation fuel in France. After starting the production, the firm will now be able to fulfill the demands of the aviation industry. Currently, the aviation industry is exploring ways to lessen carbon emission and the resources of Total SE are the best fit for the firm. TOTAL has gained a reputation as the energy firm which is offering sophisticated solutions to its clients so that they can lessen carbon emission.

The France-based firm disclosed that the sites which it has chosen for the production are La Mède biorefinery in southern France and its Oudalle facility near Le Havre. Furthermore, the biojet fuel, made from used cooking oil, will be shipped to French airports commencing in April 2021. Moreover, it has also declared that from 2024 it will also capable of the production of SAF at its zero-crude Grandpuits platform, southeast of Paris.

The firm has revealed that all of these sustainable aviation fuels will be produced from animal fat, used cooking oil, and other waste and scraps sourced from the circular market. Total will not utilize vegetable oils as feedstock. After deciding this, TOT will be able to counter from its generation sites in France to the new French law that commands jets to utilize at least 1% biojet fuel by 2022, 2% by 2025, and 5% by 2030.

The decision to the production of sustainable fuel for the aviation industry will also enable the firm to step foot on the route of becoming a firm that has achieved carbon neutrality. It has cooperated with many aviation partners to manufacture and commercialize sustainable aviation fuel.