Global Blood [NASDAQ: GBT] Announces Positive Results from Oxbryta’s Phase 3 HOPE Study

Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc. [NASDAQ: GBT] declared Thursday that it has received the positive results from the Phase III HOPE trial of Oxbryta. Global Blood disclosed that ‘The Lancet Haematology’ has issued the comprehensive evaluation of 72-week data from the Phase III HOPE Study of Oxbryta tablets in victims living sickle cell disease (SCD).

SCD is a destructive illness that can cause organ damage and a reduced life span. It is more devastating for the victims because of the substantial gaps in access to high-quality therapy. But the firm gave a new ray of hope to the patients living with SCD.

Phase III HOPE Study of Oxbryta

The Phase III HOPE Study is a randomized study including the 274 sufferers between the age of 12 to 65 years who are experiencing the negative impact of SCD. The outcome of the trial has demonstrated the considerable recovery in hemoglobin levels, decrease in hemolysis, and enhanced the overall health condition in sufferers undergoing treatment with Oxbryta.

Furthermore, the firm revealed that the results of the discoveries backed the long-term usage of Oxbryta to decrease the hemolytic anemia and hemolysis in SCD, possibly alleviating life-intimidating difficulties of the illness.

Moreover, the study has disclosed that nearly 74% of sufferers (39 of 53) taking Oxbryta had their overall clinical status labeled as “moderately improved” or “very much improved” by their healthcare professionals which nearly 47% (24 of 51) of the placebo group, a statistically momentous difference.

About Oxbryta

Oxbryta is a first-in-class oral, once-daily cure. It has a direct impact on hemoglobin polymerization, which is the root cause of the sickling and obliteration of red blood cells in SCD. Oxbryta has gained authorization in the US for the cure of SCD in sufferers between the age of 12 years and older.