Masimo’s [NASDAQ: MASI] Monitoring Solution Is A Gift For Women On International Women’s Day

Masimo Corporation [NASDAQ: MASI] has disclosed a gift for women on International Women’s Day. The firm has committed to offering sophisticated monitoring solutions designed to enhance maternal and newborn safety during childbirth and the important first minutes of life.

It is important to highlight the issue from the UNICEF report on International Women’s Day that newborns and mothers are still dying in shocking numbers. It has been disclosed that nearly 810 women die because of complications related to childbirth or pregnancy. On the other hand, nearly 7,000 babies died in the first month of life.

The report of WHO disclosed that in the past decades’ improvement has been made but 295,000 women have passed away during pregnancy and during childbirth in 2017. The direct cause of death is unnecessary blood loss, parental wound, high blood pressure, etc.

Masimo SET pulse oximetry’s capability to measure during motion and low perfusion has contributed to newborns, neonates, and pediatric patients like no other pulse oximetry. The launch of Masimo SET technology in the Latin American market significantly enhanced neonatal care in our countries.

SET has offered credible, fast, and stable readings and its neonatal sensors enhanced the likelihood of many of our newborns. Anemia is a substantial public health issue that especially affects the quality of life, health status, and persistence of mothers and children all around the globe.