ExOne [NASDAQ: XONE] Makes USC Solutions Its Authorized Channel Partner

The ExOne Company [NASDAQ: XONE] disclosed Monday the addition of USC Solutions as its authorized channel partner. The firm has added USC Solutions to sell ExOne industrial solutions in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. In the increasing number of distribution partners, USC Solutions is the experienced one.

ExOne is delighted to add the exceptional team of USC Solutions embodies the ExOne Company. ExOne is gaining recognition in Asia and USC Solutions has further reinforced the network for the increasing current expansion. Presently, Binder Jet 3D Printing is becoming more and more recognized as the technology that will speed up the implementation of production processes for high-volume manufacturing because of its high velocity, material elasticity, and low waste and expense.

GM of USC Solutions disclosed that binder jetting accompanies the client’s portfolios well because of its unique characteristics that will enable material and application in a flexible manner as well as safety and cost advantages. The propriety binder jet 3D printing process changed powered materials such as sand or ceramic, and metal into extremely dense and functional accuracy parts or tooling at high speeds.

The patented technology is deemed as a sustainable production method with high levels of recyclability, low waste, and the capability to strengthen and lightweight parts for quicker provider chains and more fuel-economical submissions. ExOne has certified more than 20 metal, ceramic, and composite structures for its binder jetting process. More than half of those substances are single-alloy precious metals, such as 17-4PH, 316L, 304L, M2 Tool Steel, Inconel 718, and more.