SailPoint [NYSE: SAIL] Announces Its Expansion In Japan

SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc. [NYSE: SAIL] has decided to expand its business in Japan. The expansion in Japan is the firm’s commitment to innovate and extend its business globally. It has started the new office in Japan and also appointed the new manager for its first office in Japan.

SailPoint has a skilled team and is endeavoring to fulfill the needs of increasing identity security in the region. The main vision of SAIL is to bring identity security to the front of enterprise administrations, particularly this is most suitable for a `work from anywhere’ environment. Identity Security has offered organizations the choice to choose who can access the data of enterprise and also assist enterprises in checking whether the access of current members is compatible with the firm’s policy or not.

Shares of SailPoint [NYSE: SAIL] plunged 6.97% as it lost -4.13 during the trading session of Wednesday. Its share has wavered $11.61 and $64.19 during the trading session of Wednesday. It has ROA, ROE, and ROI -1.10, -2.40, and 0.70%, respectively. SailPoint has a total market capitalization of $5.02 billion at the time of writing.

SailPoint has chosen Yutaka Fujimoto as its new manager for the new office in the new country. Yutaka brings the irreplaceable vision, and leadership required to assist the firm create and raise the business in Japan. Fujimoto will also serve as the VP and country manager in Japan. Yutaka has earlier served as the country manager of Zendesk. Before Zendesk, he also served as the Country Manager for ServiceNow.