Pinduoduo [NASDAQ: PDD] Honored For Its Effort On Eliminating Poverty In China

Pinduoduo Inc. [NASDAQ: PDD] has been honored for its endeavors to eradicate rural poverty in China. It is among the three technology firms acknowledge for the contribution of the firm to eradicate poverty. A total of 1,981 individuals and 1,501 corporations, establishments, and businesses were admired.

Since its launch in 2015, the main focus of Pinduoduo is on agriculture. The firm’s projects include expanding downstream market access for growers and guiding younger talent, overhauling midstream logistics foundation in order to dimmish scrap, reduce expenses and accelerate the shipment of agricultural products.

Furthermore, Pinduoduo has also collaborated with universities and other industry partners to create upstream technology to boost the flexibility of the food supply chain. The firm has also provided training to the growing population. These training efforts of the firm become the reason that almost 100,000 young talents have started their business in their hometown.

In 2020, the pandemic has hit the world and snatched the livelihood of the farmer. The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged food supply chains. Pinduoduo took important steps to improve the lives of farmers in the pandemic. The firm has started the ‘Help the Farmers’ channel to promote the products of the farmers.

Pinduoduo has achieved another milestone as the firm has launched Duo Duo Orchard. Duo Duo Orchard is an in-app game, users can develop virtual fruit trees with water droplets gathered by accomplishing fun tasks. Users get free fruit after their virtual is completely cultivated, courtesy of Pinduoduo, which causes the fruit from poverty-harmed areas to improve farmer profits.

More than 60 million users are using the Duo Duo Orchard. Through this app, Pinduoduo propels out more than 1 million kg of free fruit every day. Pinduoduo has also taken the steps to advance upstream agriculture technology.