SAP [NYSE: SAP] Announces Dividend Increase Of €1.85 Per Share

SAP SE [NYSE: SAP] confirmed the dividend of €1.85 per share for the fiscal year 2020. SAP Advisory board has suggested the dividend to the stockholders, which signifies the YOY increase of €0.27 or 17%. After the authorization of stockholders, the total dividends to be allocated reached €2.18 billion (2019: €1.86 billion), signifying a pay-out ratio of 41% (2019: 55%).

The 2020 FY dividend is planned to be compensated on or after May 18, 2021. SAP has experienced the huge impact of COVID-19 pandemic, but it remains successful in delivering a strong IFRS profit and huge gain in the later year. SAP believed that the success credit goes to the stockholders as well. This is the reason the firm has suggested a 17% surge in the dividend.

SAP share went up 1.36% during the trading session of Wednesday. The firm has the last closing price of $126.56 at a trading volume of 605.78K. SAP’s total market capitalization has reached $156.77 billion at the time of writing. Its share went up 39.24% during the past 52-weeks low and went down -25.25% during the past 52-weeks high.

Furthermore, SAP has disclosed that the two by-elections of stockholder delegates in the SAP board are scheduled to take place in the 2021 AGM. In December 2020, Diane Greene has stepped down from the advisory board position. Pekka Ala-Pietilä has also revealed that he will step down from his position.

For the appointment of two new members, the board has chosen two candidates to stand as a candidate for election. SAP has voted for Dr. Qi Lu and Dr. Rouven Westphal on the board of SAP. The meeting is scheduled to take place on May 12, 2021. Moreover, the regulatory board has increased the time extent of Juergen Mueller, CTO, and representative of the SAP Management Board, for three years until the end of 2024.