Facebook [NASDAQ: FB] Stop Myanmar Military From Using Its Platforms

Facebook Inc. [NASDAQ: FB] disclosed Thursday that it has stopped the Myanmar army from using its FB and Instagram platforms. FB took this step after the group of people stand against the army for seizing power in the country.

In its blog post, FB disclosed that risks are high if it allows the Myanmar army to use its platforms. After a massive demonstration which also includes the deadly bloodshed has urged FB to stop the army from using its platform.

In the following month, the army has seized power of Myanmar by claiming fraud in a Nov. 8 election raced by NLD Aung San Suu Kyi. The army has arrested her and many more leadership of the part and took the control of the country. The people of Myanmar protested against the army which caused the death of at least one police officer and three citizens.

FB has also revealed that it has decided to stop the commercial entities of Myanmar from advertising on its platforms. Army started bloodshed and the human right abuse is the main cause behind this decision of FB. The ban covers the army and its sub-units, all the media directly controlled by army, and the ministries of home affairs, defense, and border affairs, which are under the direct army command.

In Myanmar, the widely used platform by ruling government is FB. This platform is used by the ruling party to communicate with the citizens. Earlier, FB revealed that before the November elections it has banned 70 fake accounts and pages managed by representative of army. Those pages or accounts had shared either positive material regarding the army or condemnation of Suu Kyi and her party.

Furthermore, the social media giant has also forbidden army chief Min Aung Hlaing now the army leader from its platforms. It has removed hundreds of pages and accounts managed by the army for the inappropriate and unlawful behavior on its platform.