CVS Health [NYSE: CVS] Adds Six New Sites To Administer Its COVID-19 Vaccine

CVS Health Corporation [NYSE: CVS] disclosed that it has added six new additional sites where it will deliver its COVID-19 vaccination. The firm will administer the vaccine to qualified individuals as per the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. The six new sites include Ohio, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, and Arizona.

Previously, the firm have started the vaccination in 11 states on February 12, 2021. CVS Health revealed that the registration for the upcoming vaccination will be scheduled to commence from February 25. The firm will provide nearly 570,000 doses. CVS Health has got the positive feedback related to the vaccination process.

The main focus of CVS Health is to provide vaccine to those community which have more need of vaccine. All around the nation, there are nearly 10, 000 of CVS Pharmacy. The CVS Pharmacies are mostly situated in the areas which are ranked high or very high in the SVI. The firm decides the offering of vaccination program in the areas which are ranked high in SVI.

CVS has also commenced initiatives to educate people about the vaccine program and the equity in the vaccination program. CVS Health revealed that in the future it will add new sites in its vaccination campaign. The US-based firm has provided nearly 4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to residents. The nursing team of the firm has also executed second doses at all skilled nursing skilled facilities.