Zoetis [NYSE: ZTS] Gets Marketing Authorization For Solensia

Zoetis, Inc. [NYSE: ZTS] has been awarded Marketing Authorization for Solensia. The MA was granted to the firm by European Commission. Solensia is the latest feline osteoarthritis cure to relieve pain. Currently, it has been discovered that nearly 40% of cats have experienced osteoarthritis (OA)which lessens the quality of life of cats and makes their lives uncomfortable.

Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) is the main driver in OA pain and the uniqueness of Solensia treatment is that it targets the main driver NGF in OA pain. This treatment improves the lives of cats and their owners. This new cure works like a magic and lessens the pain. In the study of three months, it has been reported that 76% of owners confirmed that this treatment is proven to be useful for their cats.

OA badly impacted the lives of cats and their owners. This illness influenced the daily routines of cats. It affects the sleep function of cats, their thinking process, and also impact their social relationship. Solensia is deemed as the safe cure for cats living with OA, as disclosed by Veterinarians.

Furthermore, Anti-NGF has been used as a safe treatment to lessen OA pain for more than 20 years. But this new sophisticated treatment is a new breakthrough in veterinary medicine. CMO of Zoetis commented that cats can hide their pain really well. If they show unusual behavior, their owners won’t be able to notice their pain and considered their behavior normal because of cats’ aging process.  

It’s a great accomplishment of Zoetis that now the veterinarian will be able to treat and manage the pain of cats in OA and aid the owners of pets to enhance the quality of lives of pets.  This feline medicine is not the first one of the ZTS. Zoetis has a history of bringing new treatments against several parasites as well.