Stratasys [NASDAQ: SSYS] Acquire RP Support Ltd

Stratasys Ltd. [NASDAQ: SSYS] revealed that it has bought RP Support Ltd (RPS). RPS is the leader of industrial stereolithography 3D printers and solutions. The interrelated technology of RPS will boost the polymer line of solutions across the product life cycle of Stratasys, from concept simulation to production.

Stratasys will exploit its top market-oriented platform to bring an extended range of applicability to the international market for the Neo system line of RPS. Stratasys estimates that the buying will raise sales and non-GAAP per-share earnings significantly by the ending of 2021.

The Neo Line of 3D printers of RPS includes the vibrant laser beam technology that facilitates precision, highlight feature, and low unpredictability across the full range of a significant build program. Neo products give its clients a broad range of attributes such as chemical defense, heat acceptance, permanence, strength, and optical clarity as an open resin device. Their products may make large portions of up to 800 x 800 x 600 mm that offer a small imprint to an important building area.

Additionally, all Neo systems are ready to use Industry 4.0. These Neo Systems include the TitaniumTM control tools, plus camera control, network access, remote diagnostic tools, and customization of the mid-build parameters. Stratasys is intending to integrate its workstream platform GrabCAD Print in forthcoming product editions.

For applications such as tooling, investment molding designs, anatomical modeling, orthodontic clear aligner molds, and large design parts, industrial stereolithography systems are well-founded in the 3D printing industry. They offer a high-quality finish, large construction sizes, quick printing times, and a reasonable cost per piece. Nearly $150 million is projected for the worldwide adjustable division of business stereo systems and anticipated to proceed to expand at a pace of about 10.0% per year.