Workiva [NYSE: WK] Announces The Update Of Entire Client Base To Next-generation Workiva Cloud Platform

Workiva [NYSE: WK] is a platform that radically transforms the way work is performed and make complex work simpler reported that the company has added its entire worldwide client base to its next-generation Workiva cloud platform. The new platform is more open, insightful, and instinctive than the previous one empowering enterprises around the globe to improve how they interface information and groups and streamline processes.

Julie Iskow CEO of Workiva said, “ The new platform Workiva is offering is more open and versatile, We can now more rapidly construct and convey new well-suited solutions that tackle explicit business problems and assume a broader part in our client’s digital transformation activities.”

Workiva’s new Software as a Service platform is designed with microservices engineering that empowers fast developments and deployments of the new solution, rich APIs, and platform attributes and functionality.

Utilizing Workiva’s open APIs, clients incorporate data from the outside systems of record directly into the platform, where they mechanize information and work process updates, track each change and consistently team up with partners around the globe to make confided in reports and regulatory filings. Ongoing client arrangements designed on the new platform incorporate Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Reporting and Global Statutory Reporting.

Moreover, Workiva’s accomplices, which consist of more than 200 worldwide counseling firms, innovation firms, and local counseling firms, are making new solutions and services on top of the Workiva platform to tackle their clients’ remarkable business challenges.