Blink Charging [NASDAQ: BLNK] Announces Its First Deployment In New Hampshire

Blink Charging Co. [NASDAQ: BLNK] declared that it has implemented its two IQ 200 units in the state of New Hampshire. The community which will get the benefit from this implementation is the community of Windsor Hill Condominiums, in the rural resort town of Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.

These Blink retained units are the only EV charging stations accessible for nearly 30 miles. Blinks which is the leader of EV charging solutions will be able to reinforce its position further by the implementation of two new IQ 200 units.

The cost of the implementation is decreased because of the assistance from the New Hampshire Electric Co-Op. It emphasizes how government and private-sector investment in clean technologies can make a huge impact. Blink Charging is excited to enter the new area and considered this implementation as the greatest milestone for the company as this is the first establishment of Blink in New Hampshire.

In order to make electronic charging easy and open to residents and citizens who had previously few charging choices, Windsor Hill supports the shift to sustainable, green operating solutions, and Blink chargers will help to do this. The firm is looking forward to advancing New Hampshire’s EV infrastructure and continuing to expand its reach across New England.

The President of Windsor Hill Condominiums has commented: “We have a responsibility to please our residents and visitors as a prime residential neighborhood in a city. We have likewise launched many projects to facilitate our development of the sustainable environment, so the initial installation of two Blink IQ 200 chargers is just a great service for our residents.”