Alphabet Inc [NASDAQ: GOOG] Subsidiary Google Launches Paid for News Platform In Australia

Alphabet Inc’s [ NASDAQ: GOOG] subsidiary Google revealed that the company introduced a news platform in Australia. The paid-for news platform is initiated in a drive to weaken Canberra content payment law. The platform is showcased only in brazil and Germany recently.

Google initially planned to launch it last year in June but because of Canberra’s legislation to impose expenses on google and Facebook to pay Australian media firms for content postponed the launch. If the law is passed the digital media platforms will have to pay the locals media outlets to link their content in their searches

The companies protested against the law and Google claimed that with this law the government will get an unjust benefit from the legislation. Google is still trying to persuade the Australian government in numerous exclusive discussions. The company told that if the law is implemented it won’t work and will force google to pull out its platform from the country.

If the Australian government and the tech giant do not reach an agreement then a parliamentary inquiry will be set up to make the decision. But before the decision is made, with the legislation the company’s news platform will have to pay 7 local outlets to utilize their content. Canberra times are also included in those outlets. The financial terms of the content agreements are not disclosed.

The company is looking to collaborate with other Australian publishers. it revealed in an announcement that it anticipates coming up upon more contracts with more media producers whose status has been strengthened by Canberra’s forceful pushback against google.