MoneyGram [NASDAQ: MGI] Expands Its Visa Debit Card Deposit Service In Collaboration With

MoneyGram international [NASDAQ: MGI] revealed that the company has expanded its real-time digital P2P payments with Visa Direct across Europe. The expansion of the Visa Debit Card Deposit Service is in collaboration with The customers of the company can now use the website or the mobile app to send money in real-time across 25 countries in Europe.

MoneyGram was the first company in 2019 to enable cross border transfer of money utilizing Visa Direct. The company since then continued to grow and build its relationship with Visa and the advantages it brought to the customers which include speed, efficiency, and affordability.

This new service that money gram is offering is a big achievement in the payment industry in Europe. Money can be sent to visa debit cardholders in near real-time and across 575 corridors.

Alex holmes CEO and Chairman MoneyGram said “ Our strategic collaboration has empowered the company to create a leading network throughout the world. This expansion of the Visa Debit Card Deposit Service is another achievement in our journey to lead the transformation of P2P payments. Moreover, we’re glad to collaborate with a leading fintech, as demand for real-time payments grows.”

Guillaume Pousaz CEO and founder of said “ We’re also glad to collaborate with MoneyGram to bring lowcost, real-time transparent payouts to their customers and aid in empowering their digital P2P payment drive. As the availability of Visa Direct is accelerated to merchants by Visa, our company is proud to empower fintech and merchants. Through our cloud-based enterprise connected payment platform, we aid in unlocking the potential of cross-border payments.”