eBay [NASDAQ: EBAY] Announces changes in Executive Leadership

eBay [NASDAQ: EBAY] revealed that the company has appointed Cornelius Boone as Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer. Cornelius will be responsible for all aspects of HR. He will assume the role from February to lead business performance, talent development, HR, compensation, acquisition, and benefits. He will be reporting directly to the CEO of eBay Jamie Iannone.

Cornelius will bring his exceptional expertise to all dimensions of human resources. Formerly he was working for the American Airlines Group and overseeing their people’s function. He was responsible for improving and developing their DEI programs.

Cornelius Boone said, “ I’m really excited to be a part of the eBay family. In eBay, I have met a strong purpose-driven culture. Moreover the company’s desire to create economic opportunity is truly remarkable”.

“ We welcome Cornelius bones gladly into our team. He’s someone I’ve known for many years and I’m highly amazed by his passion and strong leadership skills. He has an impressive combination of skills in technology, eCommerce, supply chain, and employment law experience. I’m convinced that he will blend with our executive leadership team effortlessly” said Jamie Iannone CEO of ebay

eBay also revealed that the current Senior Vice President will be leaving her position to pursuing other opportunities. They are grateful to Kristen for serving the company for nearly 18 years.

Jamie Iannone said “ In 2015 Kristen became the CPO and since then she built a strong and talented team of professionals who put their heart not work.  Today eBay is in a stronger position because of her leadership.”